CBD Infused Honey

Greetings! Our CBD infused Taos Honey might be a great item to add to your shelves. Below I’ve included plenty of information regarding our CBD honey, but you really just need to taste it.

Our honey stands alone when it comes to price, CBD oil quality, raw honey flavor, aroma, appearance, and texture. The taste is phenomenal, but first and foremost, the benefits of CBD are paramount and numerous. Pain and stress relief, restful sleep, and it’s anti-inflammatory qualities assist all those who want to increase their overall betterment in a simple, delicious way. The CBD used in our honey is derived, harvested, and consolidated from CFH Ltd., an Organic farm in Colorado. Their pesticide and fertilizer free farming techniques produce what we think it is some of the best oil on the market.


From treatment of a specific ailment to daily dosage for self-care, CBD is an indispensable tool for the wellbeing of everyone who chooses to consume it. In its initial testing, CBD was used for patients with debilitating seizure disorders. With the incredible resulting pointing towards the effective nature of CBD on the patients who took the drug, we are well aware of the power CBD brings to those who really need relief.

But such relief stems beyond those with incapacitating disorders. Those who harbor pain from their daily doings, like sore joints from dormant desk-jobs to exercise-induced aches and pains, CBD offers valuable relief. Even for those that need an extra boost of sleep-improvement to make their mornings and days easier, CBD prompts a hypnotic effect offering extra hours of shuteye,

In addition to pain relief and restful sleep, CBD is quickly becoming a widely accepted form of anxiety relief. With just one or two daily doses, a person dealing with an everyday dilemma and the bout of stress that brings with it, to those battling the throes of anxiety-derived disorders, CBD offers the invaluable veil of calmness that helps anyone take on any onslaught of stress that plagues them.

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