CBD Honey 3 oz


Curative combination of raw honey and organically produced  cbd oil


Taos Honey Co. CBD Wellness Honey

Our unfiltered, hive-harvested Raw Amber honey alone works as an antioxidant, remedy for wounds, and solution to your digestive issues. Infused with Colorado’s finest organically grown, traceable CBD oil, our CBD wellness honey eases aches and pains, reduces inflammation, and offers restful sleep. All without issuing a fuzzy, “high” state of mind — you’ll simply feel relief.

One spoonful of self-care, our CBD infused Raw Amber honey provides you a simple step for feeling well.

At 7mg per serving, you can spread it over bread, sip it with tea, or simply swallow the serving by itself.  With the flavor and consistency of our raw honey and the enhancement and added benefits of CBD, this enhanced version will help improve your health.

Each 3 oz (85g) jar contains 125mg/CBD
Each 3 oz (85g) jar contains 17 one teaspoon (5g) servings
Each serving contains 7mg/CBD

Our CBD Source

Owner and operator of Taos Honey Company, Mike McMannon, searched extensively for a source of CBD oil that he felt fit the practices and beliefs of his own honey business. Where he found his source was no surprise. Colorado has been generating world-renowned cannabis product since it was legalized in 2012. CHF Ltd. of Longmount, Colorado, just a stone throw from Denver, labels themselves as “a vertically integrated CBD oil bioscience company producing full spectrum hemp flower CBD oil.”

Encouraged by their like-minded mission of targeting specific health issues, producing flavorful and consistent product, all while sustaining earth-friendly practices, the collaboration is a cohesive one.

CFH Ltd. is able to trace their oil back to the very beginnings. Incorporating seed genetics, propagation, cultivation, harvesting and extraction, every drop of oil was considered from its conception. The oil’s innate traceability offers Taos Honey Company, and you as a potential customer the ability to consume with incredible consciousness. It is not assumed, it is known that our CBD oil has integrity and was produced intentionally.

It is important to note that CFH Ltd CBD oil is extracted strictly from the bud of the Hemp plants they cultivate. Never from the stalk, leaves, stems, or seeds. This means the oil is in its purest form and as rich in cannabinoids as possible. CFH Ltd. never fractures the CBD into several molecules. Their full-spectrum, naturally derived oil is paramount to Taos Honey Company’s overall effect, flavor, and intention.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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