Raw Amber 12 oz


Raw Golden honey, as found in the Hive.



Our Raw Amber honeys are poured in small batches at precisely controlled temperatures to preserve enzymes and floral qualities. Our honey is coarsely strained to retain pollens, vitamins and minerals that would be removed by fine filtering and the use of high pressure pumps. We choose instead to use patience and gravity when we prepare our honey for bottling.

The color and flavor of our fresh multi-floral Raw Amber honey ranges throughout the seasons as the bees collect nectars from different varieties of flowers, fruit trees, elms and junipers in the spring through sage, alfalfa, clovers, thistles and sunflowers.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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  1. Kent Bashor

    Our Daughter-in-law brought us a 12oz. raw amber jar of your honey. Tastes very good!! One question I have is it supposed to be a solid consistincy? What is the reccommended procedure to soften it up?

    • mike

      Yes! all Raw Honey (unpasteurized and minimally filtered) will eventually thicken and crystallize, its a living thing.and its easy to re-liquify either in a sunny windowsill or in a bowl of warm water (under 108 degrees) for about 4 hours.
      Honey likes to go slow and gradually in everything it does- give it time.
      Thanks for supporting us, cheers, Mike and Jeffrey

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